12 Best Notion Alternatives For Use In 2020

If you use Notion tables for your tasks, Amplenote replaces the table rows with first-class task lists. The focus is on the features that promote things, such as time blocking and the automatically ordered “Unified Task List”.” Project management tools such as Asana, which immediately improve the workflow. Now working remotely, this notion alternative is the perfect productivity set with a joint note and video conference. Before choosing a project collaboration and task management tool, you should consider your organization’s requirements, team size, workflow and budget. Nuclino is a collaborative knowledge base and a minutes tool that can be used to manage all kinds of projects.

It also comes with a targeted display that eliminates all distractions and allows you to focus on taking and editing your notes. In general, Notejoy can be considered an excellent free alternative to Notion. If you enjoy writing notes, to-do lists and reminders, Google Keep is for you.

Another department where Evernote Notion leaves behind in the race is the possibility to scan and organize documents. For people who need a reliable document scanner to digitize paper documents, handwritten notes, drawings or even things, it can be a game changer. Since Evernote also supports OCR, it becomes one of the best document processing applications on the market.

Because it integrates with more than 20 applications used for the job, you can sync notes with your CRM, send tasks to project management tools, and start Hugo meetings. Although the user interface is inspired by Slack, the features are more like Notion’s. You can set these channels as publicly or privately and keep as many documents within each channel as you want. Slite also offers a better experience with taking notes than Notion. Notion has too many tools that making notes and documents easy feels a bit overwhelming.

While Microsoft’s OneNote doesn’t seem like a perfect replacement for Notion, it comes with more than useful features to help you take notes efficiently and work seamlessly with your teams. You can use this application to capture ideas in different formats and keep them ideally organized. Moments where you want quick access to some of the commonly used notes, the fixation function would fit very well. As for synchronization, it works with multiple services such as NextCloud, Dropbox, WebDAV and OneDrive, so that all your data remains safe and quickly accessible on all devices. As for protecting your files, the application provides end-to-end encryption so that your data has the protection it so desperately needs.

You can use Quip to brainstorm, view documents, manage calendars, keep documents, sync data, and securely store your documents. Notebook is a beautifully designed note system available on iOS, Android, Mac, Web and Windows. Take notes, add files, create checklists, sketches, record audio and capture moments, and all your notes are immediately synchronized on your devices and in the cloud. Amplenote is a productivity tool that can be used by external workers because it excels in reliable synchronization, solid security and task management. A beautiful note app with all new features of iOS 13, with clear custom animations while maintaining an iOS-focused user interface.

It has a web application, desktop software and mobile versions available. Another striking feature of the application is document scanning. It allows you to capture an image of receipts, documents or invoices and save them along with your notes. Interestingly, handwritten text can be searched on a page, making it the best application alternative for Notion. ProofHub functions as a centralized location for all your needs in terms of notes, files, tasks and time management.

In the field of collaboration, OneNote is on par with Notion, because it makes it easy to collaborate and collaborate on a shared notepad. To ensure that there is nothing left, you can also create task lists to perform your tasks competently. Because all your notes are cloud-synchronized, they are easily accessible on all devices.

While it lacks the powerful organization tools Notion has, they can effortlessly adapt to your basic requirements. For more convenient email communications, you can import your address book from various services known as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Microsoft Outlook, Google and iCloud. Since it is also integrated with Evernote, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, importing documents from almost any service will not be a major problem either. That is why we have created Hypernotes, a knowledge management system to help you create, share and understand knowledge in a new way. As part of our Zenkit Suite, Hypernotes is deeply integrated with other products in the Zenkit Suite, including Zenkit To Do, the original Zenkit Base, and much more. Hypernotes aims to facilitate the creation and management of knowledge.

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