Information is the preferred currency in today’s digital world. However, data must also be up-to-date and new in order to maintain its value. Twitter has taken a step forward in this area: professional journalists and civic commentators talk about the latest news happening around the world. A typical example of this was the death of Osama bin Laden on May 6, 2011, when Twitter recorded the highest sustained level of publication in its history, averaging more than 3,400 tweets per second for nearly two hours, just before the U.S. president’s speech dropped out of history. . Confirmed. .

There is disagreement among industry experts as to whether Twitter has really overtaken the mainstream media in terms of getting the latest news, but when the devastating earthquake in Japan left residents with no other way to keep in touch with them. Family members, Twitter has proven to be an invaluable tool. During the turmoil and unrest in the Middle East, Twitter was unprecedented in both the dissemination of information and in the organization of the protesters, establishing itself as a vital means of communication for the rest of the world community.

Keeping up with important news events on Twitter is a fairly simple task. In the toolbar search box at the top of the interface, type in the hashtag and the term “trend”: #trend. Current trends are to the right of the Twitter feed on the sidebar and may or may not include a hashtag (usually included).

As soon as the search query is open, the user will be presented with a stream of search results. The link to the extended search page (top right of the tape) allows the user to refine the settings using the headlines “Words,” “People,” “Places” and “Other.” You can also save search results. If necessary, trends can be changed for geographic regions. Tweets can be filtered to top, “All” or “Links” elements that you can select in the top left corner of the tape. Each selected tweet will be reinforced on the right side of the sidebar with “Favorite,” “Retweet” and “Reply” options. In addition, other users mentioned in the tweet will receive a username, an avatar icon, a biography, and the opportunity to subscribe.

While the founders of Twitter certainly did not intend to do SMS at the last minute, many users took the opportunity of the site to provide up-to-date information about the latest news from around the world. This feature increases the ROI of Twitter, which is an important factor in taking into account your time at work.

There is no sound, no scream, no voice in the universe that can be heard until someone listens.
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