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Every company doing business on the Internet today announced that they will all adjust the compensation plan of 5 components and stop deceiving people. They decided that the distributor should really make money even if he works part-time. Now, with 400 subordinates, you can earn a monthly income of $10,000.00. No cold calls, no shopping, etc. plans in which only Heavy Hitters earn money, now part-time employees can be paid. And all the training you need to succeed is free.

Wow! That would be great!

That would be great, I wish it wasn’t true, but at least I caught your attention. My friends, as long as there are people who can be deceived, there will be crooks who will try to take advantage of good people. However, in Mentoring for Free we will be there to train anyone who can learn the skills of avoiding fraud, bad companies and bad compliments. plan and teach business skills without the expense of hands, feet and savings.

Mentoring is free, as it implies: free. Generally speaking, no companies are mentioned, only people who help people. Everyone at Mentoring for Free was there, struggling, disillusioned and emptying their pockets, trying all sorts of bad things. plans and scams. Everyone is committed to helping you learn what it takes to succeed in this industry.


Why are we wasting our time on this? There are several reasons. First, as I said earlier, we were all there, all found the help we needed to get to where we are now and we want to share the same help with others. But what about reason number two. Anyway, for me, because I help people, sometimes not always, but sometimes people don’t have business, or they just started and need it. (After all, it’s business dealings with people)

I don’t recruit, I recruit. It’s the wrong way to go. If that’s what you’re told, stop!

Think about it! Do you like to sell? The rest too!

I’m working on building relationships with people, so I get to know the people I do business with. I never ask anyone to join my team, I don’t ask, I’m asked, and sometimes I let them look at what I’m doing. Wow! This is an unusual way of doing business. But it works!

Why did you start network marketing?

As for me, I was initially looking for a way to go online and work from home. To enjoy life with family and friends. I wanted to leave the everyday business world with his stress and frustration due to insecurity. I also wanted to find a way to retire with a future I could enjoy.

What I’ve learned (after many setbacks and a lot of disappointment) is that there are 5 support companies that can make this possible. Then I had a burning desire to achieve this. It’s also something you can get for free through mentoring. It changed my life, my way of thinking and, most importantly, gave me the skills I needed to succeed. I learned to think, not to think!

It’s not your fault.

If you run into difficulties in your business and have experienced setbacks and disappointments, it is not your fault and you are not alone! Most companies are designed to ensure that part-time workers and newcomers fail, so they need to continue recruitment and recruitment. They need this constant flow of new people to survive.

Teach people to read your policies and procedures, pay attention to things like “end our differences,” “stay active” and more. This means that you cannot retire, you can create a lower link and the business can fire you. What’s going to happen to your job? Well, the company just took it from you along with your income. (If you’re one of those lucky enough to make money) learn to think, not think! There’s free help!

It’s easy to get started: download and read Success in 10 Steps. You’ll find a link to my web page

To your success

Gene E. Patrick – Making a Living, Making a Difference

I’m a free network marketing mentor. Over the years, I’ve learned that networking can be filled with disappointment and failure. Based on personal experience and the help of a great team, I offer free advice to anyone you can train. Offer a free 10 step ebook and free tips for your business.

I was born in southwest Missouri in 1955, so the status of “Show Me” is deeply ingrained in my head, as you’ll see in Stubborn O’L Mule.

I love the internet and all it has to offer. It’s such a blessing to meet wonderful people and help each other. But I learned from my own bitter experience how unpleasant it is to find a business that has the “5 pillars” necessary for success in “network marketing” at first. Learn to think, not to think.

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