Breaking News – Man vs Nature

Your culture has been destroyed. Your routine is broken. Your whole day is ruined. Your evenings are interrupted. Your life has turned into a break in interruptions.

Fortunately, you only have a break from the office once a day. But if you even think about enjoying a vacation, you will be ruthlessly broken. If you prefer to stay at home, your existence will be destroyed.

News organizations continue to bring their news until there is nothing left. They even report news about a woman with a broken heart, which her husband beat with a broken drink. When you love entertainment channels, it’s tasteless. Movie chains break you so hard that you stop following them. Sports channels even interrupt the live broadcast and allow so many viruses to penetrate the small screen that you will almost need a Google search to find your favorite players.

This burden of interruptions is certainly becoming heavy and dangerous for a living planet. Why? Well, we can’t afford to rest here. We will continue and continue to make sure that you understand the whole point without breaking it.

It is said that nature takes revenge when a person commits stupid things on Earth. Nature first tries to convey messages or warnings. If you do not listen to it, nature begins to anger. Enough breaks – enough nonsense. Nature has already shown this in countless ways around the world.

In summer, long rains make it cold. If you see a picture in different parts of the world, including India, you will find that 10-50% of the total seasonal precipitation falls within a few hours or days. This is followed by a long gorge, followed by a deluge lasting one or two days. Thanks to the concentrated efforts of floods, earthquakes and fires, additional force has been gained. So you sweat in winter, tremble in summer, bathe in rainwater and despair of unusual behavior of nature. Deadly surprises lurk in every corner of your planet.

Yes, nature also started to report news and take breaks. He is furiously eager to stay for a long stay.

Do you dare to take a break?

Chinmai Chakravarty is a creative professional with more than twenty years of experience in writing journalistic work, coordinating media work, writing film scripts, duplicating films, making films and videos, managing international film festivals and publishing books and magazines. He has experience in providing professional services in these related areas, as well as in credit advice, personal finance and brokerage. He has the passion to make people laugh as often as possible and wants to have a club of laughter to solve everyday problems.

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