What Is Trekking?

These results suggest that exercise at a low level of intensity limits the likelihood of its having a significant effect on health (Blaes et al., 2011). Also, higher amounts of exercise are related to greater positive effects on health. However, if the exercise intensity is too low, an improvement in fitness is not likely, and the positive effects on health will be small. In this study, the trekkers were instructed to perform at a moderate level of intensity for safety and enjoyment.

However, no significant differences were found for the fasting blood glucose, TG, and T-C levels. Ok yes, I know sounds different but yes trekking helps you in your fitness as well as your mental health. Trekking involves walking ups and downs of mountains, adventure activities like river crossing, rafting will burn a large number of your celeries.

Researchers have found that spending time out in nature is actually a much better strategy for reducing the symptoms of depression. One of the biggest reasons that many people start, and one of the major benefits of hiking, is for weight loss purposes.

Higher the antioxidants in the human body, higher is its capacity to fight infections and catalyzes recuperation. Life is bigger than the diseases and nature helps you cope very effectively. Oxidative stress is believed to be a strong factor in the onset, progression, and recurrence of cancer. This study in the International Journal of Sports Medicine looked to investigate how oxidative stress is influenced by a physical activity like hiking. Researchers measured oxidative stress and antioxidative capacity in 12 women with breast cancer and 6 men with prostate cancer, before and after long hiking trips.

Whenever we hike tracks or trails for the first time, or stumble upon an absolute gem of a natural feature, we always return home with a renewed appreciation for mother nature and her bounty. The corresponding increases in positive emotions actually makes us feel a heightened sense of gratefulness and increases our generosity towards karakoram trek Pakistan those around us. One of the major benefits is that you will able to live in actual life with very few facilities. Trekking makes you a humble person when you see the hardships on an expedition and how you got past it. According to one research says that trekking helps immensely for the generation of new and creative ideas.

Moreover, the great news is that just half an hour of walking or hiking can make a fantastic impact on your health. Getting away from the worries of everyday life, even for just a little while, can do wonders to reduce stress and anxiety. But escaping for multiple days or weeks will almost cure it entirely… not to mention give a real boost to your self-esteem. If you tell someone you just finished a trek to the Pyramids of Giza, chances are they will be impressed, which will make you want to pat yourself on the back. Walking for many hours per day, over multiple days, won’t only help you to burn calories but it will work muscles you never knew you had. It is also an excellent cardiovascular routine, akin to circuit training… as you jump from and climb rocks and boulders, encounter steep inclines and varying terrains.

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