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With T-slot profiles, there is a “t” -shaped negative space trace that allows parts to be hooked and secured without the need to weld or join joints using other methods. Once in place, fasteners, nuts, locks and other elements are used to hold the parts together to form their modular construction. Because aluminum is strong and recyclable, and can keep rust at bay when anodized, it’s perfect for building structures, equipment, frames, or anything else that needs to be sturdy and reliable. We divide our aluminium profiles into three separate designations: light utilisation, medium capacity utilisation and heavy load. Aluminum T-slot profiles 2020 form a perfect solution for customized machine frames, workstations, prototypes, protection, etc. After that, they start producing T-slot aluminum profiles and assemble the structure you need in record time.

This “ultimate force”, the point at which the complete failure occurs, is given by a shutter. If possible, convert a pure friction joint into a stronger three-way joint by threading one of the fasteners directly at the end of the extrusion. By combining three different extrusions in such a configuration (i.e. one vertical and two horizontal), none of the plates depends solely on friction. Third, compare the maximum load capacity with the expected strength of a freebody diagram and determine the safety factor.

In a dormitory, for example, utility carts can be used to store dry food in the pantry, or serve as a mobile storage cart for cleaning tools, workshop materials, and other equipment. It has been successfully used for robotic bases and for frames for high-speed automated systems. Increases slip resistance by converting friction joints into structurally bonded joints. The basic principle in choosing the right bar is to understand when a bar begins to bend under a certain weight load. These custom trolleys are portable and have different finishes.

It also allows for easy expansion and rollback of your build for future changes. They come with a lot of accessories, such as aluminum bracket, screw and plug, all you need is just a simple manual tool to install. If you want to change or add a theme, it is also very easy to disassemble. The T-groove aluminum extrusion has good flexibility at this point.

We can cut to your requirements and ship within 5 business days. If wellste’s standard T-groove aluminum extrusion can’t meet your needs, our engineer will help you with the design and give you in-depth advice to support your custom T-groove aluminum extrusion. Especially if you don’t need the durable look or precision of strut profiles. The use of steel pipe systems therefore allows them to reduce costs without inconvenience. The Bosch Rexroth T-Groove aluminum extrusion structure frame line is our material of choice.

Profiles are cut and machined to order, fasteners and accessories are included based on a list of parts, and the entire order is packaged and shipped to your location for final assembly. Apart from that, you choose the aluminum alloy you need while determining the final T-slot aluminum extrusion. Anodized surface finishing is the most common type of surface finishing for T-slot extruded aluminum. You can choose between electrophoresis surface finishing techniques or anodized surface finishing techniques. Apart from that, you need to consider the dimensional tolerance and wall thickness of the T-slot aluminum extrusion.

Selectable service levels to meet your needs, from a fully assembled structure to an uncut profile package. With our large inventory, we can provide our customers with the solution they need in a timeframe that meets the needs of their application. The pressure inside the container forces the aluminum alloys through the extrusion matrix. Properties include performance and tensile strength, as well as the final finish of the aluminum alloy. For example, if you are looking for a decorative T-slot aluminum extrusion with a higher surface level of appearance. The T-slot aluminum extrusion has a T-shaped groove on each side, while the V-slot has a slightly beveled edge.

In this guide, we have covered only some of the most creative ways to assemble with this unique aluminum material. Some of the many applications of the aluminum T-slot can range from simple objects like Aluminum Framing tables to more complicated and modular structures like an aluminum platform. Regardless of the use, the aluminum T-slot is guaranteed to offer unique advantages that other materials cannot offer.

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