Use dehumidifier on wet lower floors, crawling and sandwiches. People often confuse simple skin lesions with “bite bites” and then look for ways to control “bugs” rather than look for the real causes of their suffering. By not focusing his efforts in the right direction, he is wasting a lot of time.

Look carefully at the windows and doors to see potential places. The mission of the Pest Control Authority is to protect the health and well-being of customers, families, homes and their environments. We offer the highest quality pest prevention services, using Desratização the best principles of integrated pest management. Do not stack or store firewood, building materials and other items for your organization. This will provide food for insects that destroy wood, capture water and provide sanctuary for all types of pests.

Wipe the meters, sweep the floors, remove food immediately and remove the garbage regularly. Pool and floor drains contain moisture and the accumulation of debris and bullets. This attracts pests and gives them perfect fertile ground. Check and clean all banks normally, even in the laundry and cellar.

Damaged wood will look empty, and if the area is very damaged, the handle can break the surface of the wood. If the area is still active, you may see termites operating inside. Dark areas or pimples on wooden floors are an indication of underground termite infection. Because termites can be prevented underground, it is good to regularly examine your property by a trained specialist. Soil disturbances near the base wall can reduce the effectiveness and longevity of termites applied to the ground. If the disorder is necessary, contact a pest control specialist to examine that area and provide you with treatment options.

Models are available to repel moles and other insects and at least one company makes a snake repellent with solar energy. However, many gardeners are happy to see snakes in the garden because they are natural predators for small mammals that cause the most damage. Reducing moisture around the house will help reduce the presence of pests at home. Because most pests thrive in areas where there is moisture, the owner of the house should check the medicine and make the necessary corrections.

Find out how the company is covered and how you will be compensated if any of your items. When signing a contract, always read the precise print carefully. Pay special attention to any guarantees or termination fees if you conclude an extended monitoring contract or future services.

Reduce the branches and shrubs of the trees so as not to touch your house. It eliminates the “bridges” that pests use to make their way inland. Consider using a less attractive cover such as rocks instead of mulch.