Koop Permanente Make-upmachines

This permanent make-up machine has a pedal and is easy to use. It has short circuit protection, which means that in case of voltage fluctuation, the machine stops to protect you and the user. It has an adjustable speed controller that makes it even more convenient to use. The handpiece has an adjustable shell that helps you control the depth of the pattern.

It has a stable control panel and integrated batteries, which can operate up to 6 hours after full charge. The ergonomic and portable design ensures permanent lipstick maximum user comfort and ensures that you do not get tired even after extreme use. You can also adjust the length of the needles on this machine.

The machine safety hood makes the use of the machine safer. The machine has a strong and resistant construction and makes minimal noise. Permanent make-up machine For the micropigmentation artist, a handpiece is used that is dynamic but also silent with controlled pulsation, which corresponds to the technique. Pigment can be applied very accurately through relatively small needles.

While some of the permanent makeup procedures are similar to tattoos, especially the eyeliner and lip liner, the similarities end there. The tattoo artist uses needles that penetrate much deeper than the cosmetic technician. Guapa’s third generation tattoo machine is a light makeup pencil with a powerful Swiss engine.

It can be used to cure acne scars, wrinkles, imperfections and even eyeliner coatings. Functional and versatile is how we describe this permanent make-up machine. This elegant permanent makeup machine does not make too much noise and is strong and stable to work with. Even with long-term use, this machine does not heat up. It has an anodized aluminum alloy silver surface for aircraft that guarantees a perfect finish once done. The battery has a life that lasts twice longer than most other machines and comes with a safety cap.

The machine has a special transmission structure that guarantees high performance with minimal noise. This permanent make-up kit comes with a powerful 12V coreless motor that makes it more robust and durable. The handpiece also has an adjustable scale to control the depth of the cartridge needles. Another advantage of the BIOMASER kit is that the ink does not fade quickly and lasts for several years.

The rotation of the pen is constant for easy operation and has a low vibration; therefore it cannot damage the eyes. In addition, it produces little noise during tattooing. The Guapa Third Generation machine is an update of the brand’s wireless makeup.

These permanent make-up machines use electromagnetic coils when moving the armored channel up and down. The armored button comes with needles that move the ink to create the desired design. Tattoo guns are mechanical devices with rotating mechanism coils.

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