German Culture: Facts, Traditions And Concepts

Germany has a festival for almost every occasion and at any time of the year. Here’s a brief look at Germany’s most famous festivals and the food and traditions that come with them. German food is not exactly worshipped all over the world.

In Germany, celebrating birthdays is taken very seriously. A German tradition about this is described by the verb reinfeiern, which literally means “feast in” and is used in the sentence in the Geburtstag reinfeiern. It refers to celebrating one’s birthday the night before, given that the person’s birthday begins as soon as the clock strikes midnight. In this way, the Geburtstagkind (literally ‘birthday boy’) is surrounded by his loved ones for the first few minutes or hours of his birthday. A large percentage of the German population loves music. In fact, most Germans will consider music one of their favorite activities.

Germany hosts some of Europe’s most important music events. One of the reasons is that access to the festival site is completely free, as is access to all tents. oktoberfest Families can browse tents, fairs, playgrounds, music rooms and markets at their leisure. Everything is relaxed and there are almost never any problems.

One of the most unique places to visit in Germany is the Rhine, an epic river that meanders 1200 km from Switzerland to the North Sea. Think tropical plants, mild temperatures, and even facilities/architecture created to mimic tropical bucket list destinations like Bali and Thailand. Instead, I’m talking about a bridge on which people live…

Musicians also like to wear costumes to engage listeners, which increases the festive atmosphere. The largest international film festival in the world, the Berlinale, has been held annually since 1978. With more than 400 films screened, all competing for 20 awards called Golden or Silver Bears, the Berlinale showcases the world’s elite film talent in almost every genre. This is an impressive festival that introduces people to the classical music of Germany, dedicated to the legendary music of Ludwig van Beethoven.

While many major film festivals are invitation-only or require the purchase of an admission ticket for thousands of dollars, Berlinale sells public tickets for individual screenings. And with about 12 euros each, it is really not much more expensive than watching a movie in the cinema. The whole week, like most traditional German festivals, is accompanied by a lot of drinking and a lot of dancing. Come for the Rosenmontag parade, but stay all week to attend all the great concerts, parties, and events that take place as part of Karneval.

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