Dynamic Micro LED Clear Glass

It can be installed on many building surfaces, especially suitable for installation behind glass. So to change the flexible image content, the LED display is a more reasonable option. But for ordinary LED screens, the installation area is quite large, the cables are complicated and imagine that a bulky screen is located directly on the glass door that is not visible at all. The indoor LED display can offer many purposes with greater and better visibility. It uses high-quality technology that increases sharpness and image resolution and provides better pixels for remarkable visual display. These displays also have the ability to view the action from different angles.

Thus, the simple software present on the screen allows users to update the screen in real time or remotely. These screens are incredibly bright and visible even from long distances, which was not the case with traditional LEDs or LCDs. Such aspects make the screens more suitable for advertising purposes than any other option.

A flexible LED display is a display made of high-quality PCB and rubber materials where the final image LED pixels are located, and the panel display has insulating substrates on both sides to protect the LED circuit from damage. Flexible LED displays still show bright and eye-catching images, even if they bend into a curvature during installation due to their high elasticity. Due to the innovation of technology and the advantages of gradually marked transparent LED displays, the global demand for this type of LED display is increasing. So, faced with the rise of manufacturers of transparent LED screens in the market, how can we ensure that we choose the right screen? Below are some tips that can help you understand what the best transparent LED screen is. When installing LED wall technology, do not make it appear that the individual screens are together.

Rigard’s flexible LED display has the features listed above and can be flexibly applied to different indoor and outdoor scenes. For outdoor LED displays, the waterproofing reaches IP65, making it fearless even in a harsh outdoor environment. In terms of pixel pitch, pixel pitch as small as 1.25mm to achieve a high definition image makes RIGARD a leading position in the narrow pixel pitch LED display industry. With a high contrast ratio, superior brightness and cost-effectiveness, RIGARD LED can perform optimally to help you move your business forward. Due to the advancement of technical knowledge, transparent LED display has made a breakthrough in the application of LED screens in glass, in addition to the value of advertising display.

Transparent LED displays are similar to opaque displays, such as displaying information, data and other details. However, LED screens do the same thing while blending seamlessly into their surroundings. More transparency also helps business and advertising purposes and helps keep screens visible in all environments. led display manufacturer Window technology has improved in recent decades, but never before has such tremendous progress been made in what glass technology can offer. In fact, more than 60% of the transparency of the glass when the information is displayed outside, viewers can see everything from the inside without any interference.

Therefore, customers can read or experience information about the company while watching. The transparent look also creates a more positive interior atmosphere, allowing natural light to shine through the discreet screen. Clubs, bars, cinemas, etc., use transparent screens for all their benefits. Smaller companies advertise their products/services through these transparent screens, nail salons, dog walkers, etc. It also increases customer engagement while spending little or nothing on advertising costs. Showrooms want people to see their best products and profitable entities and increase public attention to their production.

No one ever thought that with these LED screens, sharing information with the public can be so convenient. SMD LED Display technology is generally used to create a brighter and more colorful impact and create a design background. These panels are suitable for small, small screens or can be used on large screens. There are several panels in the LED display category, such as conventional LEDs, surface-mounted panels and others. However, most indoor LED displays are manufactured according to the principle of mounted panels that provide them with uniqueness. A flexible LED display is an innovative solution to boost your business.

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