Cremation Vs Funeral Expenses, Pros, Cons

After the visit or funeral service, cremation takes place in our crematorium, depending on the family’s preferences. Those cremated remains can be returned to relatives, buried in a cemetery or placed in a columbarium. These latter services may be performed simply by a funeral director and cemetery staff, in private with family members, or in public where anyone would be invited to the cemetery. If urn or engagement services take place in a cemetery, this is often the time when military rites would be given to our nation’s veterans.

For urns that cannot be engraved, many can be embellished with an engraved pendant. Also, as noted in the previous section, look for easy-to-handle ash scattering designs. As an alternative to traditional funerals, some people turn to green funerals and other alternatives. Green burial uses biodegradable boxes such as wooden or cardboard.

Families can remove this base and place the flexible bag with the ashes in it. It is easy to replace the plate and seal the box with a screwdriver. This approach makes it easy to remove the bag or add a second one, if the urn is large enough to hold the remains of more than one person.

From the ocean to a family pool, ash can be scattered in various watery places. The Living Urn offers the popular Eco Water Urn, which provides comfort and grace by scattering ashes on a body of water. Our days a crematicist can be purchased from third-party companies or online, this is an affordable option for people who also want a funeral urn for ashes ceremony for the cremation process. Online chest stores offer chests at prices that cover budgets of all sizes, so chests aren’t as expensive as they used to be. When it comes to wooden urns, there are plenty of options to choose from, and remember that there are different types of wood you can select from, such as mahogany, oak, and cherry.

In general, the only requirement is that you cannot have metal parts. The decision to buy a box will likely be influenced by the type of service you are planning. Your final cost depends on your decision between cremation versus burial. Funeral expenses vary from state to state and may be affected by selected services. In most cases, a funeral costs around $9,000, but the cost can quickly increase from there.

Remembering the loved one who passed away in a group creates a space to honor them and the impact they had on the lives of those left behind. There are many ways to personalize the way your loved one is commemorated, from a special message on a plaque next to the urn to a framed cameo photo of your loved one. Green-Wood can also show you opportunities for souvenir jewelry designed to hold a small portion of a cremated body or dried ceremonial flowers. While a funeral service is held before the cremation process, a memorial service is usually held afterward, where the remains are placed in an urn and displayed next to a photo of the deceased and a ray of flowers. You can then purchase a flammable casket to hold the remains during the public view and/or religious service, which will also serve as a cremation container.

Choosing cremation is just a starting point for honoring a loved one in a way that provides tribute and comfort. Our funeral directors are cremation experts dedicated to helping you find the most effective solutions for your needs. Oneworld Memorials is a customer-centric company that offers a wide range of custom memorial products for people and pets. We wear beautiful cremation jewelry, gifts of sincere sympathy, urns and unique souvenirs. Buy premium biodegradable wood, metal, ceramics, marble, glass, and urns at a price of a fraction of the cost you’d have to pay at funeral homes. Depending on the budget, people sometimes use a “rental casket” from a funeral home instead of a personal cremationist.

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