Best Accessories For IPhone 13 Line In 2022

It also comes with tutorials on how to use the different lenses when recording video. With so many options on the market to choose from, it can be difficult to choose the one that best suits your iPhone 12 or 12 pro. We hope that with the help of the tips and products shared above, you can make your decision easily. The cushioning corners of the phone case give your iPhone 12 much-needed protection. Even better, this stand is designed to allow you to easily insert and remove your iPhone with one hand, making it even more convenient to get in when you’re on the go. The rubber coating on the arms and charging surface also holds your iPhone securely and prevents scratches, and the vent clip is designed to fit the slats on almost any car or truck on the market.

For example, the Defender Series case for iPhone 13 offers a durable polycarbonate case, flaps that protect the charging ports, and a case. (Yes, a cover.) It gives your phone the rough air of a miniature transformer. In addition, what you buy depends on how and where you use your phone.

He is also a former world champion triathlete and avid cyclist, who times hundreds of miles every week in the beautiful Tweed Valley in northern New South Wales, Australia. While all iPhone models have a wide-angle lens, only the latest iPhone models have an ultra-wide-angle and/or telephoto lens. This helped the camera capture a wider field of view, even though it’s still primitive to what we have at our fingertips today. Portrait lighting is another popular setting that you can use to choose the best exposure for your subject. Scroll through the options until a hexagon appears in the upper-left corner.

This innovative tripod is lightweight and has a dynamic design that puts it in the foreground. It snaps directly onto your iPhone and covers the camera lens to capture life in cinema quality. Moment lenses have appeared in GeekWire, The Verge and Gear Patrol. You can also use this charger to extract a few hours of extra juice from your iPhone. For example, if you have little time to prepare for an interview, use your front-facing camera while the phone is charging to make those last-minute taps.

The tripod itself is light and compact, similar to the camera grip. This selfie stick also includes a remote that you can pair with your phone. The tripod base also provides enough stability to support a microphone and any LED lighting. That’s why the Oyuiasle SD card reader is a great accessory to buy for your phone. You can easily connect this SD card reader to your phone to transfer media to and from your phone.

His specialties include computer and gaming products using a variety of operating systems and interfaces, not to mention extensive benchmarking experience. If your gift has a newer iPhone model, you should also consider this Belkin MagSafe car holder. IPhone 12 and 13 models magnetically attach to the MagSafe car holder for easy installation. These lenses are much more expensive than the Olloclip, but the quality is demonstrably much better thanks to the higher quality optics. In particular, Moment lenses also have minimal distortion, even on wide-angle lenses. A great way to bridge the gap between mobile photography and DSLR photography is to use one or more of the many great additional external lenses available.

If you’re on a budget, check out the £69.99 Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 headphones. Many of the official extras for the latest iPhone 13 series use Apple’s MagSafe technology. This is built into iPhone kabel 1 meter the back of phones and is used to connect magnet-based accessories, including cases and wireless chargers. Keep in mind that most of these add-ons only work with the iPhone 12 and 13 lines.

Plus, it’s affordable and compact, making it a no-brainer for camping trips and summer vacations. You can set a timer delay on your smartphone if you need to get into position for photos before taking them. Or you can invest in this handy Bluetooth remote that lets you press the shutter button on Android and iOS devices. While this Apple MagSafe battery is sold separately from your real iPhone, it’s one of the best accessories you can invest in. The excellent value you get from this battery can increase the power of your iPhone to capture more life with that shutter button. With this funky gadget, you can upgrade your gaming experience by turning your iPhone into a game console.

The minimalist approach to the design of the frame makes it extremely compact, so it’s not complicated to always carry it with you when inspiration strikes. The magnets are also strong, so you don’t have to worry about your phone coming loose while walking. It is available as a stand on its own, or with the cold shoe stand to connect a microphone to the vlogging. Andrew is CNET’s go-to product coverage man and lead photographer for Europe.

True MagSafe supports wireless charging speeds of up to 15 watts, the fastest wireless charging speed iPhones can achieve, while non-MagSafe magnetic charging accessories are limited to 7.5 watts. That’s the only functional difference, and we recommend some accessories that don’t have the back of Apple, but are still great options. It’s very easy to accidentally scratch or break a phone’s screen, so we recommend picking up a screen protector as a small, practical gift. Zagg is known for its screen protectors because they are durable, easy to apply, and some offer special features like blue light blocking and privacy shields. Price and availability may vary depending on the iPhone model you purchase.

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